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The Social Networking war has just heated up, or has it?


This week, Google opens its ‘invite only’ social networking platform to all.  Google Plus has grew fast and claims to better organize friends to send messages to select groups.  Personally, I love it!  However, my experience lasted for a week in August as my friends were not signed up, yet.  Maybe this will be the next best thing to Facebook?  I have always loved Google, if you read other posts, yet never thought they stood a chance with Facebook.


With over 800 million users, Facebook is not only unique channel for conversation and social media content…. it has info sharing capabilities, good for business, news groups, and celebrities as well.  This has all changed.  As I noticed a new homepage, a status update ticker, larger photos, I didn’t perceive it as an advancement or improvement to Facebook.  The platform has been a channel, similar to Twitter, but with much more visual and much more inclusive.  Facebook has impacted our culture, so much, we check it daily and use it as a supplemental “public forum”.   I must note, some use it as therapy, ranting, and an actually reality show 🙂


At the F8 conference, Facebook announced more changes to come.  After reviewing Mark Zuckerberg’s keynotes, I was astonished.  He announced that Facebook is heading in a new direction, practically giving Google a chance to establish the social channel we were familiar with.  Zuckerberg states, “Facebook is already established as a social network”.  This means they are confident users are satisfied and will stay put.  This is bold.  The Facebook founder also displayed the Timeline, replacing our profile.  This inclusive timeline of events include our life, detailed in social connections, posted photos and videos, the Apps we use, and more.


Personally, this is T.M.I.  The timeline ends at our place of birth, mapped.  It seems to highlight ones life, as if its a perfect one, without some desired erasing of old relationships, bad jobs, or a time of not so flattering photos 😛  If privacy was an issue before, then this will cause even more discourse.  Facebook is focused on self-identity, while sociologically we are in an Era of more people are trying taking longer to identify their passions and learn life.  I feel MySpace was great at this, and the new Timeline seems to be similar.  I will admit, the Timeline is wonderful display and will compliment any person who has accomplished alot within their life.  But who’s perfect? or how will we respond to the social aspect of wanting a perfect timeline, if it’s social impact still holds in our digital culture.  Was conversation & relationships the main ingredients to facebook? Or will this self-identity timeline turn us away from sharing our full life as social media?


My other assumption is Facebook’s targeted audience will be compromised.  What is their target audience?  Probably a younger generation that grew into any and every-one!  That is why they are 800 million, which I would assume atleast 40% are either rarely active, fake account, or not actual identified real account/person.  However, this still is a powerful number and way pass the competitors.  Facebook’s social impact was huge & needed no marketing, as it IS a marketing machine, naturally.


Facebook was easy to use for a 13year old to a 75 year old, but now is more complex and not as visual appealing.  Most joined to connect to family, but moreso, connect to long lost friends.  Google Plus notices this, and simply uses circles to direct messages to correct friends and family.  No more sharing kegstand photos with Aunt Jackie or crazy nightclub photos with the church choir.  Maybe we should all be saints? 😛

Facebook will be more an email and personal diary, rather than the messages on walls and the recent news feeds with real-time humor from all friends.  Now, we will not use this news feed, simply because we will direct messages to certain friends in facebook lists.  Google Plus will do the same, but with a few more integrations of all their services and innovation of this type of social platform, it stands to win big.  Google’s flaw is advertising and marketing. Yes, I said it, even knowing they are #1 in online advertising, but listen.


Why? Google is everywhere, visible on almost every webpage.  This is not marketing, but merely advertising to a large number base.  No matter how creative their Google search homepage looks, they are outside designs and never used to push product.  They love being simple, but slowly grow to be the force behind the internet, yet now sharing it with Facebook.  Facebook has word of mouth, the most powerful of online marketing, which is like direct selling or targeted numbers.  Google is a powerful brand, a popular one, but advertising is described just as real estate ….Location, Location, Location.  It may not mean they are great real estate sellers, just have the clever advantage of being where the buyer wants them to be, gaining the sell.  Google owns the digital world, so yes we buy ads.  They have power in numbers and will greatly let you gain 5,000 impressions on websites for a under $20.  This is so appealing, you must take the deal, in return, Google makes billions.

Secondly, Google does not have star power, such as Myspace did. Yet, I am a fan & know they are competent in web technology, plus, they offer free services and open source projects. They are not labeled ‘cool’ or ‘hip’, but more an information service, a developers dream, Gmail, search engine, or merely nerds of web technology.  They will need celebrities and to become a desired new trend/fad, when marketing the Google Plus social platform.  The invitations were not a good marketing tool, in my opinion.  Google will have to show up on TV, promo events, and entertainment or social venues.  Is Google cool or just an internet company we know about?  There is risk by creating hype over a product, but I feel it is a small risk, to kick it in 2nd gear, to compete with upcoming Facebook. Lets go, Google! 😛


Marketing has transformed into a media channel, a showcase of benefits, or a entertaining seduction to buy! lol  They must not state they have a new product, but present it as the next best thing or actually competes with Facebook.  While Facebook measures the backlash of these changes, Google has a chance …that probably wasn’t fully known until the f8 conference.  Not only Google, but many other startups even have a shot to chase the leaders with a more flexible, viral marketing strategy.


As I state Facebook changes as a bad decision, they also have strategy to make actual profit from it  Facebook is focused on Apps, which are hot sellers for mobile devices and good for future of web technology.  They stand a chance to connect users to business, such as NetFlix inside facebook.  This could be the best business model by a web giant, yet their ‘bread and butter’ is turning into Honey Butter spread (US joke).  I don’t know if everyone loves Honey Butter, but some will really enjoy it.

Elucid Marketing will update changes as it progresses.  We have already signed up for the new Timeline effective September 30th 2011.  Our fanpage is here.  Find us on Google Plus at Bernard Thomas for Elucid Marketing.  More video and info is listed below.


Try out the new Facebook Timeline:


Go try out the Google Plus platform:

Search our site for description of this Google Plus platform, it’s promising 🙂






Watch an Overview of Google+



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Google has launched their new version of the facebook Like button. The +1 button!  This new button will be seen on blogs, websites, and even in the search results.  Google aims to engage the social networking crowd and hope for participation with this new feature.  The +1 button will help you recognize what your friends are interested in.  This is compared to Microsoft Bing’s new search features that displays your facebook friends within search results to improve recommendation of sites. Google is riding the Tech wave and staying with all the competitors.  They may not master the social side, but with products that are just as good and fastly created, they stand to hold the crown as King of the web 😛   Check out the videos below.  Google has also created new search interface with newly graphic designed buttons and extended features on image search. Try it by clicking here.

+1 icon


See +1s




Google adds +1 and other social metrics to analytics package‎ – Brafton
Google Now Lets Website Owners Measure The Power Of +1 (And Any ‎ – Washington Post
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JOB OUTLOOK: Graphic Designer / PR Specialist

Graphic Designer and PR Specialist Report

2008-2018 Job Outlook Comparison

Prepared by Kreston Thomas

Business Administration Undergraduate

Prepared for

Dr. Sonya Brown

Fayetteville State University

English Department






This job outlook report examines two particular positions within the communications field, a graphic designer and a public relations specialist.  Data was collected from online government resources, such as US Bureau of Labor and Statistics.  The job outlook and descriptions were compared to decide which position is more promising in terms of pay rate, required background, working conditions and the overall opportunities that exist.

The report shows changes in the communications field for these positions based from 2008 and calculated until 2018.  This research will show the major advantages and disadvantages in entering the field as entry-level or with years of experience.  Each position is analyzed to show the amount of positions that are currently occupied and its growing rate.

The report shows PR specialist are highly paid and have chances of socially interacting with constituents to communicate brand identity.  The graphic designers are required to be creative and reach deadlines, however much less than the stress of a PR agents.  The work environment is more complex for PR specialist and some graphic designers are more flexible to work at home or on-site.

Recommendations for candidates seeking a position in the communications fields are employment within the graphic design sector.  This position was selected as it is (1) largely populated, (2) increases with web design skills, and (3) more stress-free than a public relations specialist.  With high competition in PR, the graphic designer specialist holds better opportunities within their career by updating skills in current design software and web development courses.





This job outlook for graphic designers and public relations specialists provides insight on forecasting opportunities for employment.  With US unemployment rates remaining above average, this report examines the changes in the industry and expectations associated.  Recommendations are included for prospects looking to choose and enter one of the given fields.


The communications field has two positions that require a special skill when communicating with the public.  These fields are different, yet similar in nature.  The graphic designer is more visual and public relations specialist is more social.  Both these positions require communicating the brand identity of a person, product, or business to increase recognition and drive sales.  Listed below is a brief job analysis of each position.

Graphic designers are creative publishers of art who produce print or electronic media as their career. Their duty includes designing memorable and communicative works for clients or employers. (, 2010)  The provide communication and a visual brand image seen by consumers to enhance the feel, understanding, or position of a particular brand.

Public Relation Specialists maintain the public image of an organization, business, or high-profile individual. (, 2010)  Their duties include communicating to the public, create growing social relationships, and damage control of one’s brand identity.  This may entail publicity events or media interviews.



The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics rates graphic designer careers to grow as fast as average.  There is growing competition in the industry.  Graphic designers with advanced skills in web design and animation have the greatest opportunities.

(Graphic Designers Overview, 2010)


Most graphic design positions will require a bachelor’s degree in the subject.  Candidates are usually required to have skills in problem-solving, communication, creativity, and familiar with up-to-date design software.  Some candidates can acquire 2 year associate degrees and certificates to obtain a graphic designer assistant position.  The National Association of Schools of Art and Design accredits about 300 post-secondary institutions with programs in art and design. (, 2010)  It is standard for a graphic designer to put together a working portfolio of their best works.  This is used an example and representation of the designer for consideration during selection process.


The average wages for a graphic designer in 2008 was $42,400. Most averaged between $32,600 and $56,620 and lowest 10 percent earned less than $26,110 and the highest 10 percent earned over $74,660. The averages below are categorized into sectors within the industry.

Computer systems design and related services             $47,860

Specialized design services                                                       45,870

Advertising, public relations and related services           43,540

Newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers   36,910

Printing and related support activities                                      36,100

Entry level positions obtained median cash compensation of $35,000 in 2008, according to the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Solo designers, senior designers, and lead supervisors earned a median of $60,000. The chart below shows the percentage of designers within the industry and the corresponding rate of pay.

(Graphic Designers Overview, 2010)


Graphic designers may work in offices within a business or work in their own office or studio.  Some are hired for weekly design of promotion material or printed materials for internal or external use.  Graphic designers may also work freelance positions which are based on contract or seasonal basis.  Consultants and self-employed designers tend to work longer hours and in small, congested environments.



Public relations specialist are expect to increase much faster than the average.  There is a competitive natural associated with entry-level candidates. College graduates have greater chance when combining degrees in public relations, journalism, or another communications-related field with a public relations internship or other related work experience.

(Public Relations Managers Overview, 2010)


Public relations specialists usually require a bachelor’s degree in public relations. Courses in advertising, business administration, finance, political science, psychology, sociology, and creative writing are helpful when seeking employment. Some companies may require college graduates who have worked in electronic or print journalism and some employers may ask for training and experience within the related industry.  Marketing is also helpful for entry-level candidates.


The average annual salary for public relations specialists were $51,280 in 2008. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $30,140 and the top 10 percent earned more than $97,910.  The median annual wages are listed below:

Management of companies and enterprises                                            $55,530

Business, professional, labor, political, and similar organizations                          55,460

Advertising, public relations and related services                                                  55,290

Local government                                                                                    51,340

Colleges, universities, and professional schools                                       46,660

(Public Relations Managers Overview, 2010)


Many PR specialist work in busy offices with tight deadlines and schedules.  Some work a standard 35 – 40 hour week, yet it is common to work overtime and irregular hours.  At times, they are required to be on-call or work around the clock.  Quick composition of speeches and meeting agendas may be required for damage control or publicity events. Below are facts about the current working conditions of PR specialists:

  • About 25 percent are self-employed; many do freelance work in addition to holding a salaried job in design or in another occupation.
  • A bachelor’s degree is required for most entry-level positions; however, an associate degree may be sufficient for some technical positions.
  • Job seekers are expected to face keen competition; individuals with a bachelor’s degree and knowledge of computer design software, particularly those with Web site design and animation experience will have the best opportunities.


Based on the job outlook for graphic designers and PR specialists, candidates must be aware of the forecasting of the positions.  A graphic designer has many more opportunities as over 200,000 positions exist in this field.  A PR specialists must be even more competitive in seeking employment.  A bachelor’s degree is necessary for both positions and the more experience a candidate obtains, then the greater chance of becoming recruited.

Salaries for PR specialists are nearly twice the salary of a graphic designer.  PR specialists experience more pressure and are required to work irregular hours to satisfy their clients or employer.  Some PR specialists  are high-profile and represent the brand identity by becoming a spokesperson or promoter of a particular entity.  Other positions may only require an associate degree for small, technical jobs.

Graphic designers are required to be creative and most are passionate about their job.  It gives them a sense of accomplishment with special attention of their talents throughout the industry.  This reputation may aid in seeking greater opportunities or in launching self-employed ventures such as freelancing and seasonal contract work.  Unfortunately, graphic designers are less in demand, but stand a greater chance when developing skills in web design and animation.

The job outlook for PR specialist is rewarding based on pay, but the better position would be a graphic designer in near future.  Designers with web development capabilities will be in greater demand.  This is a great opportunity to compete with the over 200,000 within the field in comparison with only 50,000 of PR specialists’ positions.  A graphic designer will have a less stressful workload and capable of gaining experience for increased pay or position.



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Welcome to WordPress Tutorial Page:

Since Elucid Marketing highly recommends using WordPress for small business owner’s websites.  We have gathered a series of Videos that will quickly guide your efforts in maintaining a website.  Here, you will learn the basics of WordPress, such as posting a new page, posts, editing, etc.  We find this as easy as using Microsoft Word.  Once you experience WordPress, it will empower your interest in web development and decrease your fear of finding a web developer for the smallest changes to your site.  Enjoy!

wordpress for beginners by elucid marketing development group

What is WordPress?

A Content Management System. This allows you control sections of a website/blog to add or edit content.  There is an online version and a private release that many get confused.  There is and  The difference is: is free and ran solely online from site.  Just login and start posting!   Now, is a free program too, but it is downloaded and then installed (on your own web hosting provider/server). We will do this for you. offers a much more variety of features & functions.  I will discuss on this webpage.  Learn how to easily update your site below.

Many look at WordPress as blog software, since was founded for bloggers; however, it is used for web developers to build powerful websites that are easy to manage by end-users.   In videos below, the word “blog” can be interchangeable with the word “website”.  Blog is used for begginers, but equally as useful webmasters.

WordPress is the “back-end”, meaning it lets you view your site from a great-looking software program, online.  This is called your “Dashboard”.  It includes all functions & features of your site, from each webpage, the posts listed, and editing power.

The Basics to WordPress: (Videos listed below)

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In recent months, Google proposed to the company, an stellar offer.  It included $6 billion which is pretty amazing for any online startup, or idea!  Groupon declined the offer and indulged in starting its on IPO to raise money.  Their goal is $15 billion once the site accepts to sell public shares.  Personally, I find this in the same hindsight as the bubble years ago.  For one, there is which is just as great a Groupon in my opinion, but may have not had as successful marketing strategies as Groupon.   Google has now took a new attitude about the generous Groupon offer… “can’t join them, beat them!” lol.  Yes, this is a backwards proverb, but so true of the current situation.  Google is planning a launch of Google Offers, which is nearly identical to the services of Groupon.

Now with more competition, Groupon will need to an extensive strategy to battle.  I have always thought Groupon is just a great idea.  On the positive side, it is one of the few startups that have a revenue or profit optimization strategy in initial launch.  On the downside, it can replicated by many and holds very few competitive advantages.  Google can simply spend 2 million from the loads of loyal nerds who love the web giant’s open source and outreach to the programmer community.

I think could even be produced in less than $20,000 for the site, yet may need a few employees for business relations and technical support.  $15 billion?  We shall see in near future.  I always have my money on Google.  Advice for Groupon:  respect the leaders of the industry or prepare for war.  I like how Mark Zuckerburg of has never worried much about IPO and focuses on building a sustainable competitive advantage to lead with innovation.  More info on Google Offers is posted below, enjoy!

NEWS of Google Offers:

Facebook New Profile Designs and How to Use it in 2011


Comparing Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s profile update (above)

So what’s the new design?

Yesterday, Facebook released to me, a new profile design. How is it? Pretty good, I can’t complain …or have enough authority to recommend even MORE customization, but its nice, lol. They found a new interface for the profile layout which was selected by the geniuses at facebook. So what’s changed?  In short, photos now appear at the top of your profile, tabs are removed, and user info is in plain view.  If my weird grammer isn’t to bad read on, or skip to the video section below.  To read articles about these changes, view our info at the end of this post.  If you haven’t upgraded to the new design yet, then simply visit this facebook’s link (click here).

Now for the good part! Below, i’ve listed some tips to help get the most from your new profile design experience for 2011:

New Photo Section

Facebook places a handful of images at top-center of your profile.  These images are ones you’ve been “tagged” in.  To change them, simply click the x to hide a pic until the desired one is displaying.  You can even tag your own pics, then return to profile & select them for display.  If your a business, this can include products or finished works from services.  I’ve seen some beauty salons list their hair-do’s, car dealerships their new 2011 models, and even graphic designers display a preview of their portfolio.  Cool ideas, I just love the fact facebook is embracing “media”.

Friends Section

Now your friends are listed on the left, sidebar.  A single row, vertically of your friends; however, they can not be preset as before. Bummer! But to utilize this design effectively, you can create “lists” that will display even more friends.  This will display under or above your friends list. How? This can be set after clicking the top, right edit button on the friends section. This will take you to settings, which lists relationships, family & friends.  It even includes groups that can be included as another list.  If you drag the friends or lists you’ve created, you can reorder which appears on your profile’s left sidebar. Try making a group of your “top8” or “highschool buds” or “top biz clients”, so much to think of!

Profile Details / Info

To identify who the user actually is, facebook moved info to the top of the profile. The eyes will train to look here …for the readers info readers or the layback visual type people who like photos. The top of the profile consists of your location, school, workplace, language, and others. You can set this by going to ‘edit profile’ which now has added features. Wanna know a trick? I’ve seen kids place a hidden language entitled “Profanity in American Sign Language”, which adds humor to a page. I’m pretty sure facebook knows this as only select languages are included. I tried selecting slang, jive, ebonics, but managed to find spanglish, lol. Previously, facebook added this sorta language humor by adding a selection called “Pirate”. It changed some of messaging in tone of a pirate, “shimmy me timbers, mate!” 😛

Likes / Interest

The tabs are now removed and placed directly under your profile pic. We can now navigate to sections “INFO, PHOTOS, NOTES, etc” in this new sidebar menu. I don’t really like it there, as it’s smaller and now seems we have a mini-microsite, rather than a profile.  Don’t get me wrong i love it, but as an entrepreneur & marketer, I’d rather have these menus visible, if not visual.  The old tabs ‘were’ actually visual …now the new menu is simply links. Facebook loves to keep it plain :/  Anyhow, if you click the info section, you will notice the changed design.  It now lists our “Likes and interests” in a bigger looking icon set. You can edit these. We recommend to add those that have icons as some are duplicates or madeup ones, chose wise.


Thanks for checking out my short tips & tricks section for the facebook new design. Here are some resources for the visually stimulated and more links for the reader’s delight.  Please revisit, soon.

Here is link to upgrade your facebook:

MORE ONLINE LINKS: (Great Resources, Know First, Innovate!)


Four Tutorials and Reviews

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are augmented by virtual computer-generated sensory input such as sound or graphics. It is related to a more general concept called mediated reality in which a view of reality is modified (possibly even diminished rather than augmented) by a computer. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality.

Augmented reality



Augmented Reality Business Cards - VIEW VIDEO click here




Social Media has grown, not just as a single website, a mobile app, but something cool to “do”.  Even those reluctant on sharing info or engage the online world, facebook has made a cultural impact on us all.  From personal use for social interaction to business marketing as a channel to this online world, social media is here!  Is it here to stay?  All signs point to yes, as we have been driven to gain a social benefit through web interaction.  The folks who deemed the internet as a mere fad, are now using it for info seeking and watching the world connect to a network.  Why is it so popular?  The web is a fancy place. We get so much info here and have an ideal that any or every question can be found here.  Now with our friends there, the art of web socializing is getting creative.  Twitter help to spawn this growth as texting from phone moved to web based twitter msgs (140 characters).  I bet this recruited some into reading more, yet maybe spelling more horribly, lol.  I know I read much more than years before the social media boom.

Social media should be called a digital social system, lol.  Like an eco-system, it is interconnected and self-driven.  Facebook has cleverly used ways to keep us talking to our friends, even though the individualistic attitudes of the last half of century has many creating private lives and less social.  Facebook has opened us back up… to log in multiple times a week and check the status of others, whether it’s to be nosey or we genuinely care is debatable.  Think of how many times you’ve heard someone say “Did you see the post on my facebook wall” or how about an argument that started from facebook gossip.  How about jobs firing you for talking negative about them, or an organization doing a background check including social media sites?  It is growing extra interesting.

Social media will not fade away any time soon.  The rate of increase will even out, but with its current impact, it looks to gain ground.  The biggest issue I fear is the miscalculating of the online population, the foolish wars between companies like this is a gold rush, and any errors in leading us to a digitally social world.  I see how Zynga, an popular online gaming company on social media sites, aims to keep users busy, active, and growing.  They have the actual key to the future as their strategies seem to be created by the best of marketing experts, psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist, whatever… the company is great.  The reward of benefits for use is enough to keep growth high.  I expect Zynga to do well in upcoming years, even better than facebook.  Another major threat is if we finally find something cooler than all these tech toys and quick info searches.  If our reality is not better than the digital world, everyone will be there… and that leads me to another post in due time, entitled “Augmented Reality”.

What’s next?  Well, look at Twitter… they are becoming disappointing.  They have new changes in play, but seem to lose their grasp on who they wanna be (position).  These changes are happening too slow as facebook and google have hundreds of ideas they slowly perfect into their gameplan.  Their corporate visions are incredible and look to take over the web as well as entertain their constituents and fans.

Google Me is set to launch, but I do not believe it will be a facebook “killer”.  I think it will be a new clever tool for info seeking and interacting socially (sharing, bookmarking, etc)  Facebook will act as their database of users, an online DMV and social club. Google is a powerhouse, and it has not been successful in understanding the depth of social media.  It has it hands in everything, such as cars, to electricity, but very effective in software and my new interest, geo-location. (Social Media + Maps + Mobile + Software= future)

Google will find ways to entertain and empower those who use the web with skill.  They look to brand as “thee internet” not just a subculutre of the web.  It is spreading to active users like, students, business, web developers, and common users who search for anything from recipes, weather, to travel info.  Watch out newspapers and broadcast media!  As Facebook aims to adds website plugins and widgets, it gains ground by expanding to other areas of the web.  If a company can successfully become useful worldwide, it will have a chance to compete with Google.  For the meantime, we will just have fun in little places to visit on the web, until our own lives become as entertaining as the web and its fantasies.